Yona Friedman: No Man’s Land

Yona Friedman: No Man’s Land Buchpräsentation

Buchpräsentation am 25. November 2019 um 19 Uhr

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Begrüßung – Peter Bogner, Direktor Friedrich Kiesler Stiftung
Zur Publikation – Mario Pieroni, Präsident No Man’s Land Foundation

Zur Publikation:

“No Man’s Land” is an artist’s book by Yona Friedman, printed in limited edition of 1.000. The volume gathers images from several projects conceived by him with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle including “La Montage De Venise” in Venice, “No Man’s City” in Alghero and “No Man’s Land” in Loreto Aprutino along with texts and drawings. The 121 pages are a flow of photos of the structures and of their realization done with students from different Universities and Academies and moments captured from the flash-mobs improvised by Friedman himself teaching children, students and anyone curious about the basics of people’s architecture. Mobile structures representing the concepts of autonomy, sustainability, adaptability, self-organization, self-planning.

Yona Friedman’s work and thinking is processual, working in fact on the basis of a trajectory in continuous growth and evolution, comprising the experience and contribution of every single person taking part in the process. This empirical approach can lead to a personal and collective transformation subjected to an infinite number of unpredictable variables: people, context and cultural environment together with imagination are factors that characterize each project as unique and unrepeatable.